Welcome to the World of Nobu Asano. I have been involved in acupuncture/oriental medicine for 35 years, during which time I’ve learned positive and negative sides of our medicine and have treated over 20,000 cases. My most popular treatments are regarding CHRONIC pain that usually requires medication, steroid therapy, and or surgery etc. We as acupuncturists are not especially addressing specific areas of the body, but the whole body and in particular the autonomic nervous system .  As Acupuncturist we are regulating neuron transmitters, enhancing synapses, and resuscitating mitochondrial activity. Our medicine can be defined as energetic therapy, enhancing the body’s energy regulations it is not based on strict differentials diagnosis of pathology, but balancing the basic physiological functions. For example: Migraine headache; which is diagnosed with conventional medicine as a specific “neurovascular disorder” in our terms we can locate where the disturbance area is, and be able to remove and restore the normal bodily functions. Often migraines can be liver or gallbladder disturbances so we treat along the liver meridian, the majority of chronic difficult migraines will disappear or improve. Another way Acupuncture can be used is as immune therapy, because the primal target is to balance the autonomic nervous system. Through the autonomic nervous system we can indirectly affect the immune responses of the body. Another example: hepatitis C infection depletes severely immunity of the body, however acupuncture and Herbs by stimulating liver function and balance the autonomic nerve function to protect liver damage eventually contributes to sustaining and improving immune function.

I will continue to present through case studies and patient testimonies to verify the above theories.

Please stay tuned!


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  1. As a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine pursuing my MSTOM, and coming from four generations of traditional Eastern and Oriental medicine practice and applications, I can honestly, candidly say that this ancient medicine works. I distinctively remember my great-grandparents and grandparents who used several types of remedies and treatments which were very effective in alleviating childhood illnesses on myself and my siblings, not to mention many other conditions in the young and old back in their villages in Japan, the Philippines, and Hawaii. I am proud to continue my heritage, to learn and apply this simple, yet very effective medicine and to increase awareness in the general public that it is more than just ‘sticking needles’ – it is a holistic medicine that profoundly emphasizes the importance of wholistic (whole body) approach in committing to physical, mental and spiritual health. I am sharing these statements solely based on my observations on the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine from my personal and academic experience thus far. With utmost respect…~Mo Kurosawa~

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