Encinitas Acupuncture

When my back was in agonizing pain. Acupuncture, delivered by Nobu Asano, provided me quick relief.

Brian G.

I was diagnosed with migraines in my twenties and later diagnosed with chronic migraines in my thirties. Over time, the migraines had increased with intensity, debilitating symptoms, and frequency. The fatigue and nausea that accompanied the migraines was often worse than the actual pain in my head. All the typical triggers were giving me migraines---hormonal changes, fatigue, stress, weather changes, alcohol, etc... I very frequently couldn't identify the cause of many. I wasn't living a normal life. They prevented me from attending so many important events and from performing typical daily functions.

I had been to many health care providers regarding this issue. I've seen countless doctors, neurologists, headache specialists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and holistic practitioners. None could help me resolve my migraine issue. I tried many medications, including holistic remedies. Some medications helped somewhat, but definitely were not getting to the root of the problem. Over time, I was increasing my medication dosage and it was becoming less effective.

A colleague recommended that I go see Nobu Asano at Asano Acupuncture. He had successfully treated her mother's frozen shoulder with acupuncture. Even though I had tried acupuncture a few times without any results, I thought I would give it another try. I am so thankful that I did. Through a combination of dietary changes, Chinese remedies, and acupuncture Nobu Asano has led me down the path to recovery. I felt amazing after my very first visit and continue to feel fantastic under his care. My migraines are now infrequent and I can pinpoint the cause when they do occur. I now have increased energy, clarity of thought, and I feel so young! Most importantly, I'm mostly pain-free. I cannot recommend this acupuncturist enough. His skills are amazing. I am forever grateful for his services. His given me my life back.


After a couple of treatments my persistent headache disappeared! I am grateful to Dr. Asano for his wonderful care.

Joan S.

I came to see Nobu for a rare condition afflicting women called “Burning Mouth Syndrome”, which causes moderate to severe burning sensations in the mouth. There is no known cure. However, it does not attract research dollars and is unfortunately viewed in the medical community largely as a “female thing”. Like so many conditions it also falls in a crease between medical specialists as well.

Nobu took the time to research the condition and then offered very effective remedies, including simply chewing gum to stimulate saliva. This moderated my symptoms significantly, making it easier to live with it.

Michele T.